Rules of roulette – Basics and Betting Strategies

Casinolisting online roulette basic rules

Roulette has been one of the most popular casino games since the beginning of history. It owes its popularity to the wide range of betting types offered and a very attractive pay-out system. That’s why we at casinolisting cover a lot of casino reviews of the sites and operators that offer games like online roulette and live roulette.

At the same time, roulette and online roulette version is a very simple game. The rules of the game are simple to master, and the differences between the European and American varieties are really small.

The European roulette wheel consists of 37 compartments numbered from 0 to 36. This makes it more likely for players to win than others (e.g. American) varieties that have more compartments.

The betting table is divided into two main sections: the inner section and the outer section. Each of them offers many different ways of placing bets.

In the inner section, there are either single numbers, arranged side by side on the table, or groups of numbers (up to six).

The outer section includes pairs: red or black, high or low, and even or odd (each category includes 18 numbers). You can also place six 12 number bets (three called “columns” and three “dozens”).

In addition, there are groups of 7 to 17 numbers placed in different segments of the circle. Such bets can be placed in a simple way on an area called the racetrack, which looks like a roulette wheel, reflecting its layout of numbers, unlike in the main betting area, where the numbers are arranged in order.


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Basics of roulette

Whether you play European or American roulette, the main idea remains:

– The players at the table place their bets.

– When they do, the game begins and you can’t bet anymore.

– The dealer drops the ball on the spinning roulette wheel, making sure it moves in the opposite direction to the wheel.

– When the ball stops on one of the fields, the dealer checks who wins.

– Winning bets are marked with a special marker, and losers are taken from the table.

– The winners receive their prizes according to the paytable.


Betting and table limits

One of the key attractions of roulette is the wide range of betting options available. These bets offer different winning chances and different payout rates. So the riskier the bet you place, the bigger the winning potential will be. Consequently, safer bets offer smaller winnings, but you have better chances of success. You have many types of bets at your disposal, but generally, you can qualify for two groups: Inside bets and Outside bets.

When playing money roulette it is also important to choose a table with the right limits. These limits determine the minimum and maximum value of the bet. By matching the table limits with the cash you have available to play, you will increase your chances of winning. At the same time it will reduce the risk of losing too much money. This is especially important if you want to use one of the game strategies.

As in most modern casinos around the world, the betting limits at the roulette tables vary depending on whether they apply to indoor or outdoor betting.

The maximum betting limit displayed on each table for outdoor betting refers to the largest amount that can be placed on any (or all) position in that area. No cumulative maximum applies here.

The maximum table for in-house betting refers to the allowed amount for each individual number (straight-up).

All other types of in-house betting (e.g. two numbers, three or a line) have their own maximum bets, depending on the maximum allowed amount for a single number. The following list shows the relationship between the highest bets. You will find further specific examples.

  • Straight up 25$
  • Split 50$
  • Street 75$
  • Corner 100$
  • Line 150$

For example, at a table with a maximum bet on a single number of $25, you can place as many as 40 chips on bets related to a single number located in the middle column of the area, such as 17 [one bet on a single number (1), four on two numbers (8), one on three numbers (3), four on corners (16) and two on lines (12)], for a total of $1000.

The payout in this example on hit 17 would be 392 chips (maximum) ($9800 at $25 per chip) plus the original $40 chips ($1000).

The casino’s house edge on roulette (calculated as the difference between the actual chances of winning and the payout ratio) is 2.70%.


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Gameplay and rules of the online roulette

When a player sits at a table, or in front of his screen with online roulette he chooses the chip color that will be assigned to him throughout the game session. Then the value of the chips to bet on and the number of simultaneous bets on a given betting area are easily selected.

This abundance of options for roulette beginners can make roulette play seem complicated. In fact, however, the betting rules are simple and can be checked in a few sentences:

Using internal and external betting, you can bet on any number or combination of numbers. Remember that none of the outside bets can be smaller than the minimum of the table. The same applies to the sum of in-house bets. The minimum amount applies to each of these areas separately.

If you win, the amount you have bet and the payout will come back to your account depending on the amount you bet and the payout odds.

If you lose, the bet is lost.

Croupier and online roulette system automatically keeps track of the amount placed and will not allow you to place a bet below the minimum amount. If the selected denomination is lower than the minimum amount, the first click on the betting box will raise the bet to the minimum amount.

The software automatically detects that internal bets are cumulative, so you can place chips below the minimum, but the sum must reach it. If this does not happen, bets that do not reach the minimum required amount will be deleted when the wheel is set in motion (at the end of betting time).

In a multiplayer game after the end of the betting period, all bets will be subject to win or lose. At single-seat tables bets will not be considered as active until the actions are confirmed and the wheel is pressed.

Internal betting payments – online roulette

                  Bet-Number of component numbers-Payout   chance

Straight up-1-35/1


Straight up-3-11/1




Payment of external bets – roulette

       Bet-Number of component numbers-Payout   chance





Low 1-18-18-1/1

High 19-36-18-1/1

1.,2.,3. dozen-18-1/1



Racetrack and split

In addition to the external and internal sections, players also have an area called a track. Here the numbers are arranged in the order of the roulette wheel. Click on a number to place chips on it and on two adjacent numbers, called “neighbors”. (“neighbours”), on each side of it.

This area also allows you to place four special bets that automatically place chips on different sets of numbers. A list of these can be found in the table below.


Name of the bet-Cost of the bet in chips-Number of component numbers

Voisins du Zero-9 chips-17

Tiers du Cylindre-6 chips-12

Orphelins en Plein-8 chips-8

Zero-4 chips-7

Bets on two adjacent numbers of the same color – red or black – in the main betting area are called “splits”. (doubles). They can be placed in one go using the ready-made fields located near the “racetrack” area.

Spilts Red (4 bets) – Splits Black (8 bets)

9/12 – 8/11

16/19 – 10/11

18/21 – 10/13

27/30 – 17/20





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Winning at roulette

Taking advantage of all the free bonuses and casino deposit promotions we can have a headstart, but nothing beats the experience and statistics. Although the rules of the game of roulette are simple, you can use many game strategies. These will help you reduce your casino advantage and increase your chances of winning. These strategies start with very simple ones, like betting on a certain colour, and end with quite complex ones, like the D’Alembert system or the more risky Martingale system.