Responsible Gambling in 2021

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Players from New Zealand can enjoy playing across hundreds of online casino sites. These sites provide them with many opportunities to gamble, and many promotions to claim. However, gambling uncontrollably can only get you in trouble, if you don’t have the right protection. That’s why the first rule when choosing a site to join is to join a licensed casino. Licensed, legit online casinos must comply with regulatory rules and conditions, and one of them is player protection.

Leading New Zealand online casinos promote responsible gambling, and give you a lot of options when they notice that you’re exhibiting signs of problem gambling. That’s why you should know which options are and how operators can help you moderate your gambling habits.


Compliance with Safer Gambling Requirements of the License

A licensed online casino must comply with safer gambling requirements. As part of its license agreement, a casino must keep its players safe. There are specific rules, stated by each individual regulatory body, that a casino must follow.

The following are just some of the things the casino must include in its offering. Casinos that truly care about their customers even further strengthen their fair gambling measures.


Transparency in Marketing and Advertising

When offering players bonuses and promotions, online casinos must be transparent about what the conditions of the offer are and what a player needs to give in order to get their bonus.

Believe it or not, there are many rogue online casinos that promise one thing and deliver a whole different thing. Licensed online casinos cannot do that, as they would be punished by their respective regulators. These online casinos are 100% transparent when offering a bonus to players or participating in a tournament.

Legit online casinos will tell you precisely the timeframe, the “from-to” promotional period dates, during which your bets would be eligible for the offer. They will tell you how much you need to deposit in order to have a shot at winning a prize in a tournament, or how much you need to bet in order to receive your bonus. They will tell you which bets are not eligible, they will tell you which players can and cannot participate in the promotion, and they will leave nothing behind.


Underage Gambling Prevention

Preventing underage gambling is one of the operators’ key roles. They need to establish that you’re of a gambling age before they accept you as a member on their sites. They need to verify the documents you provide and approve your account only if you’re of legal gambling age.

Top operators do not only that, but they also emphasize the rule all over their site. They tell you that underage gambling is an offense. You will see the +18 or +21 icons on the homepage, depending on the site’s country and jurisdiction. You will see this rule repeatedly in the About Us section, the Terms and Conditions, and other pages like the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Operators who are caught with underage gambles by their respective regulators can have their license revoked, so they don’t want to risk it, and never accept players who are not of legal gambling age.

Gambling age compliance for Responsible Gambling


Fair and Transparent Terms and Conditions

In its Terms and Conditions, a responsible online gambling site will tell you everything you need to know, everything you’re getting into. You will be informed about where all your sensitive information goes, how well is it protected, whether is shared with third-parties or not, and similar details.

This page needs to inform you about everything that goes around on the site. It needs to tell you the requirements and terms for bonuses and promotions, deposits and withdrawals, and any limits you must be aware of. Therefore, this is where you need to find out all about the wagering requirements, which games contribute to them and how to clear them, the deposit and withdrawal limits, and all the things that could, in some way, restrict your access to things on your account. Here, you’ll also learn whether some games won’t be available to you, due to regulatory or other reasons.

Games contribution for Responsible Gambling

And, this is where you’ll learn about the fairness of the games offered. This is where you’ll see whether the games are running on a Random Number Generator. The RNG is the device used in games that provide fair and random game results, using an algorithm. The RNG needs to be checked and approved by respected third-party auditors like eCOGRA, TST, or iTechLabs. You should find their seals of approvals on the homepage, displayed right to the +18 or +21 icons.


Interaction with Customers

As part of their license agreement conditions, operators must communicate with their customers, ergo their players. They must observe their players and keep a close eye on their deposits. If an operator notices any unusual activity on a player’s account, a massive deposit, for instance, they should talk to the player. They should discover the reason why the player has been depositing far less previously and has decided to go all-in at that moment.

Stopping players from making huge mistakes and spending more than they can afford is essential. Overseeing their depositing activities is also important. Many operators have been punished with hundreds of thousands of dollars for being negligent and not noticing when one of their players was exhibiting problem gambling signs. Therefore, they take this thing seriously, and as soon as they notice some inexplicable changes in your behavior, they immediately take action.


Useful Links and Information to Players

As part of that action, operators first talk to the customer and try to get to the bottom of their desire for depositing more than they wanted to. If the player provides evidence that their deposits were reasonable and within their budgets, they are given the freedom to do whatever they want with the deposit. But, if it comes to the operator’s knowledge that a player is spending more than they are supposed to, the operator immediately suggests the player useful links where they could learn how to gamble moderately.

There’s usually a Responsible Gambling page on each leading online casino’s site, to inform players on all the things they could do to limit their gambling. An operator is obliged to point out to the player that there are means they can use and tools that would help them limit their spending. Also, an operator must provide a player exhibiting problem gambling signs useful links where they can get help. GamCare, GambleAware, GamblersAnonymous, and other organizations and institutions provide free help for those in need, and top online casinos have their logos displayed on their homepage and links to their websites in their Responsible Gambling pages.

GambleAware for Responsible Gambling


Self-Exclusion and Deposit Limits

Before casinos recommend a player to set limits to their gambling, they give them a questionnaire, a test to check the severity of their habits, the reality-check test. If the player answers most of those questions with “yes”, they are given a few suggestions to take control of their spending.

First, casinos will allow you to sit down with the Customer Support and talk deposit limits. If you’re worried about the amount of money you’re spending at the casino, you can talk to the agents to set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits, so that you could not deposit more than you can afford.

And if that doesn’t work and you still manage to go around the limits and find a way to spend more than you can afford, the casino will suggest first to cool-off, then to take a time-out or completely self-exclude for a certain period of time.

There are tools for each of the three options for taking a break from gambling. The cooling-off option allows you to take a 12 to 24 hours break from your favorite games and reflect on how much you’ve deposited, whether you overstepped your limits and budget and how dangerous it could be for your wellbeing. If you’re still worried, the casino will give you the chance to take a time out period, which can be anywhere from 7 to 30 days. And if after a month of taking time out, you still haven’t gathered yourself, and continue with your spending spree, the casino will recommend a complete self-exclusion, for 180 days or 1 to 5 years. You can self-exclude yourself from that site only, or all sites altogether.

Self-exclusion for Responsible Gambling


Working Together to Support Responsible Gambling

One of the things that certainly makes some casinos stand out from the crowd of others is their willingness to combine forces in order to tackle problem gambling. Leading online casinos are working together to fight this problem. Operators do it for the players, of course, but for themselves, too. If the percentage of problem gamblers increases, regulators start imposing tougher and stricter rules and regulations. And punishments, of course. Therefore, it is in the operators’ advantage to provide you with safe and fair gambling conditions.

That’s why they are communicating with one another, especially at conferences and expos where they get network opportunities, the chance to share their experiences, and share their ideas. One of those ideas, which many leading operators agreed on, was the complete self-exclusion tool that gives players the chance to completely exclude themselves from all online casino sites they have an account with.

As said in the beginning, as long as you’re playing at a legit, licensed New Zealand online casino site, you can rest assured that the site will abide by these rules and conditions and will provide you with a safe, fair, and secure online gambling experience.


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